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Jocki Hendry

Welcome to Jocki Hendry's personal web!

My Profile

Software Engineer

I’m a full stack software engineer with focus on backend engineering. I write most of my software in Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python and Go. I like to follow domain driven design in delivering complex nontrivial requirements. I believe good managers will like microservices architecture since it enables each team to have their own flexibility in choosing their preferred tech stacks, release cycle, etc without blocking other teams (when it is correctly designed with proper bounded context). I prefer asynchronous communication between services by using pub/sub message brokers and CQRS pattern. I acknowledge real-time transactional consistency is hard to scale and most systems can live with eventual consistency. Front-end should be smart enough to deal with the update latency (for example, by showing the update result before it is consistenly stored across services).

Platform Engineer

I’m familiar with Linux-based operating system such as Ubuntu. I know how to build open source softwares from source code. I have set CI/CD pipeline for my projects using Jenkins, Bitbucket and Github Actions. I strongly prefer immutable infrastructure and GitOps whenever it is possible.
With GitOps, everyone can review changes in infrastructure by looking at Git commit. This is especially useful for broader teams like Security, GRC and SRE because each commit contains Who, What and When answers for each modification in infrastructure (sometimes Why can be answered by looking at Jira discussion linked to the commit).

Security Engineer

I’m also a security engineer that has implemented security controls from scratch. I’ve deployed tools like Wazuh, Elastic Security, Velociraptor, Suricata, Zeek, Tracee, etc. I’m familiar with cloud security in GCP platform such as using Security Command Center to find public assets, advocating team to use workload identity instead of service account key, etc. I also developed orchestration scripts (SOAR) to automate response (for example, add blocks in Lua NGINX WAF when threat intel platform marks an IP as malicious). I know how to perform adversary emulation by using tools like Caldera, Red Canary and Security Monkey. I’ve used Burp Suite to find OWASP TOP 10 security risks in web application. I use Frida to bypass SSL pinning and alter HTTP traffic in pen testing Android application. I believe that compliance is not the end goal of security but it is the bare minimum requirement to be secure.

My Interests